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We are now open for business and are following the State of Texas guidelines. 


"Effective May 8, 2020, cosmetology salons may operate provided they can ensure at least 6 feet social distancing between operating work stations."

We have always and will continue to abide by ALL TDRL state required cleaning procedures; which includes sanitizing our stations with a Hospital Grade Disinfectant Solution. We utilize the industry standard BARBICIDE© which provides the following benefits.  


  • EPA approved broad-spectrum disinfectant.

  • Proven effective against HIV-1, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Staphylococcus (including MRSA), Pseudomonas, Salmonella, Clostridium Difficile (C.Diff), Vancomycin-Resistant Enterococcus (VRE), Herpes, Influenza (including H1N1), “Athletes Foot” (TineaPedis)

  • Complies with OSHA’s bloodborne pathogens standard

  • Safe for non-porous surfaces including tanning beds, metals, stainless steel, plastics, combs, brushes, rollers and shears

  • Anti-rust formulation 

  • Will not stain skin or surfaces


Please arrive to your appointment on-time to help us avoid overcrowding as well as to be courteous to your fellow clients. All clients arriving more than 10 minutes after their scheduled time MUST reschedule. If you are more than 10 minutes late we can no longer ensure the integrity of your cut, and will cause us to delay our next appointment. If you are running behind please call and notify us 5 minutes prior to your appointment time if possible.


Are you at HIGH RISK for Covid-19?

  • We can make special accommodations for you to come in as our first customer of the day to ensure you start with a pristine environment.  We always clean our work area between customers, but this gives you the added confidence that no one has come in before you, so nothing is in the air.

  • Please call us directly at (469) 358-4708 if you fall in this category and we will work something out with you.  Your safety is our #1 concern.

If you are High Risk and have notified us about special accommodations please follow the recommendations below. Otherwise proceed as normal to your appointment.

When you arrive:

  • Please stay in your car and call or text us to let us know you are here.

  • We will come out to let you in the building.

  • You must wear a mask to enter the building.

Some key things to keep in mind:

  • Appointments should be scheduled to limit the amount of people in the salon.

  • Walk-in clients should wait either in their own cars or outside with at least six feet separation between individuals.

  • Please do not bring extra people to the appointment, such as children.  However, children who need supervision may have 1 parent present during services.

  • Contactless payment is encouraged.

  • We cannot provide services to a client if we have reason to believe that they are sick or have a contagious condition.

  • Please do not touch/handle retail supplies.

  • All clients need to wash their hands upon entering the salon and before each treatment.

We look forward to taking care of your hair in a safe and friendly environment.

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